Thanks to the use of carved window heads moulding profiles and other decorative elements, our projects have an individual and unique character.


Example of a wooden window reproduction in a tenement house

We are able to reproduce any kind of window preserving even the finest details, such as handmade decorative window heads or carvings.

Okno drewniane z kamienicyOdtworzone, stylizowane okno zabytkowe

Windows true to the old times

We manufacture elegant and antique wooden windows designed for the most demanding customers. Our windows are tailored for individual projects, but also adjusted to the requirements of the commissioners for historical monuments.

We have the necessary potential and experience to execute even the most demanding tasks regarding wooden window reproduction.

If you are looking for stylish windows with decorative elements, such as carved window heads or moulding profiles, then our offer is for you. We design decorative elements that are carved manually, which gives our windows a unique character.

We also reproduce decorative elements that are often required by the commissioners for historical monuments during the replacement of window woodwork in historical monuments.

The designed patterns are characterised by a unique combination of originality and tradition, which helps to bring back the old charm to your home and tenement houses.

okno z kratownicą kutą - ozdobą

Attention to detail

We design and manufacture decorative window heads and moulding profiles according to their original projects.

Perfect for tenement houses

We can meet even the most demanding requirements of the commissioners for historical monuments and our products are highly praised by them.

Matching the classic and the modern

Our stylized windows are equipped with modern safety, acoustic and thermal solutions.

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