We live here and now, we look into the future
It depends on us whether our green planet stays green

Mundane activities, such as separating garbage, economical management of energy resources, use of energy-efficient solutions are the fundamental building blocks of our environment. Will it be a solid block? Well, that depends on you and me.

That’s what matters to us!

Wood – green material

We write about ecology and at the same time manufacture wooden windows and doors. Isn’t that a contradiction? You may be surprised, but wood is an ecological material because it’s renewable and biodegradable. We use wood that is plantation-grown and where new trees are planted to replace the ones cut down.

Another advantage of the use of wood is that during the various stages of production, almost every piece of it is used. Tree trunks are cut into planks, bigger parts are used to produce plywood and MDF, while smaller parts such as sawdust or wood chips can be turned into briquette or fertiliser. Nothing goes to waste.

Ecological business principle:
Maximise the use of resources,
process or recycle waste.

We invest in newer and better technologies

The world of technology is evolving, and so are we. A newer and more efficient equipment minimizes the power consumption, generates less waste and speeds up the production process. We invest in the quality of our products and their durability, so that our windows could withstand not 5 or 10 years, but 50 or more. That is our way of caring about reasonable resource management. Numerous certificates prove that our products are of high quality and comply with the EU norms. We are particularly proud that our windows won two Gold Medals of the Poznań International Fair.

In accordance with the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept, we are consciously building a strategy for the development of the Bracia Nowaccy company, taking into account social and environmental needs. Thanks to that, we have an impact on how we live now, but also on how our children and grandchildren will live. We have to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around us. You can read more about dependencies between different elements of our ecosystem and learn how to protect the environment on our blog.

Windows and doors vs clean air? The benefits for you.

Solid, well sealed and energy-efficient windows are good for your home budget and for the environment. Installing new windows means:

  • a significant reduction of heating costs
  • savings on air conditioning usage
  • an optimum interior temperature

Less energy used to heat your home means less coal and electricity consumption, and consequently, less combustion gases emitted directly into the atmosphere. Clean air is not only a matter of ecology, but also health. You don’t want to breathe poison, do you?

Be eco-friendly with us!