Wood – we believe it’s the best material for windows

Wood is considered to be the best and the most luxurious building material. We share that view, that is why we manufacture windows and doors using the highest quality glued laminated wood.

We carefully select suppliers and do our utmost to ensure that the wood we use meets strict production requirements. Thanks to that, our products are solid and durable. Our windows and doors are manufactured of a three-layer glued wood, which prevents them from warping under the influence of atmospheric conditions.

Our windows and doors are made as standard in three types of wood: pine, meranti and oak. Upon customer’s request, we make our products available in all kinds of wood.

We use only high quality timber that has no knots or other faults.

Drewno na okna - meranti

Solid construction and an optional detail reproduction

Odtworzenia ozdób okiennych w drewnie

surowe okna z drewna meranti