ROTO envelope fittings

What is the role of today’s window fittings?
Although the wood and production technologies that we use stand out for their high quality, their value in use would be very small if we didn’t use high quality fittings. The fittings are responsible for the full functionality of the window – opening, tilting, closing, and controlling its other options that ensure high operating comfort and safety.

A window without fittings is nothing more than just a glazed frame. That is why we use the best available fittings, manufactured by ROTO. Unimposing details of ROTO fittings hide the latest technological solutions.

Windows are an investment for years, that is why the fittings have to meet the highest quality standards, be extra strong and durable. Thanks to that your windows will not only work perfectly, but will be beautiful. Windows affect the aesthetics of the interior of your home, high quality fittings guarantee their proper opening and closing. But that’s not all. You can choose from a variety of different options that ROTO fittings have, in order to make your home more safe, comfortable, energy-efficient and warm.

ROTO: the brand of the inventor of the Tilt & Turn fittings for windows

In 1935 Wilhelm Frank, the founder of Roto, invented and started manufacturing the very first Tilt & Turn fittings. Roto today is a symbol of comfort, safety, beauty and innovation in the window technology. The Roto logo is most commonly used in Tilt & Turn fittings, that are bought worldwide.

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