Old-time style and charm

For customers who appreciate the combination of a traditional style and modern technological solutions, we have a special offer – wooden windows with shutters.

Houses with wooden ornamented shutters have a stylish appearance. Shutters are the main decorative element, that matches the architectural style of the building and its surroundings.

At the same time, however, we take special care to ensure that our shutters, in addition to their aesthetic role, also increase security of the house and its residents. Our shutters are equipped with modern safeguards and original technologies that we use during instalation works at the customer’s site.

Practical and traditional solution

Wooden shutters are a provide good sun protection and increase the security of the building.

Original decoration of your home

Shutters are an interesting choice if you want to embellish your home in a traditional style.

okiennice drewniane

Our shutters are based on new technologies accompanied by additional safeguards, such as the possibility to open individual sections of the shutters.

ATTENTION: For technological reasons, we offer shutters for windows manufactured by our company.


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