Our wood-aluminium windows are manufactured with your needs in mind. Every aspect of window design, such as shape, colour, addtional components or decorations, is fully customized.


Wood-aluminium windows

Wood-aluminium windows - reinforced, elegant and even more weather-resistant than traditional windows. Wood is an exclusive and ecological material, which is characterized by good insulation parameters, solidity and a unique design. Aluminum improves durability, safety and extends the life of the product.

Wood-aluminum windows are a successful combination of style, durability and security. The predominant material here is wood, which makes the window look elegant, while the aluminum elements on the outside enhance the weather resistance of the window.

Our windows are custom made and because of that we can offer you individual and unique aolutions when it comes to design, material, shape and any additional options that make the windows even more practical.

We can use different types of wood, coverings, profile connections and colours. We can manufacture the window just the way you want it!

You can learn more about the technologies we use by entering our website wooden windows. Check it out!

Okno drewniane z okładziną aluminiową

Learn more about wood-aluminium windows

Okno - z zewnątrz aluminium a od wewnątrz drewno

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On the Internet you can find the name aluminium-wooden windows (alu-wood windows). For us, however, the wood is in the first place, because that is the predominant raw material in the construction of the window.

High durability

Our wooden windows are made of high quality, properly prepared glued laminated wood. The windows are equipped with the highest quality components from renowned manufacturers.

High quality coatings

Our wooden windows are carefully impregnated and coated with three layers of high quality coating which effectively protects the wood against all kinds of environemntal impacts and at the same time allows the wood to breathe.

Advantages of wood-aluminium windows

Protection against unfavorable weather conditions
Increased anti-burglary protection
Individual solutions
Predominant material: high-quality wood
Reinforced from the outside with aluminum trims

Types of wood

Our windows are made of tested and durable species of wood.

Our standard offer comprises:

  • Pine wood joined by finger joints
  • ROTO, SIEGENIA-AUBI fittings
  • Double glazing with thermal transmittance of K= 1,1 manufactured by GLASSOLUTIONS SAINT-GOBAIN
  • Drip caps and window sills produced by BUG-Alutechnik GmbH and Aluron
  • GORI Industry, TEKNOS coatings

Upon request, we offer:

  • Panes that achieve the Ug value lower than 1,0W/m2K: GLASSOLUTIONS-Climatop Lux
  • Burglar-proof panes, security level P2 and P4
  • Automatic sliding door operators such as MHS 400 (SI-Motion)
  • Burglar-proof fittings, KFV automatic locking system
  • security sensors – reed switches, MH10 automatic handles
  • Aereco air inlets

Comparison of technologies

An appropriate thermal and acoustic insulation of windows has a favourable influence on the quality of life within the four walls of our home.
Modern, energy-efficient and warm wooden windows are an investment which helps to minimize heat losses in the building.

Profile thickness (mm) 68 mm 78 mm
Energy efficiency Good Very good
Type of wood Pine microjoint, solid pine, solid spruce, meranti, larch microjoint, solid larch, oak Pine microjoint, solid pine, solid spruce, meranti, larch microjoint, solid larch, oak
Paint coatings RAL palette, LAZUR palette RAL palette, LAZUR palette
Thermal transmittance 1,1 W/m2k - 1,3 W/m2k 0,9 W/m2k - 1,1 W/m2k
Maximum width of the glazing unit and maximum number of panes 36 mm / 3 panes 45 mm / 3 panes
Acoustic insulation of panes 30-44 dB 30-45 dB
SWISSPACER warm edge spacer bar Optional Optional
Burglar-proof fittings, security level RC1 – RC2 Optional Optional
Hygro-controlled or mechanical air inlet vents Optional Optional
Muntins: structural, inner-bars, glued-on or Viennese Optional Optional
Ornaments Optional Optional
Non-standard shapes Optional Optional
Roller shutters: build-on, build-in (Integro), burglar-proof Optional Optional
Elements of a smart home system – reed switches Optional Optional
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Technologies that secure your safety:

Burglar-proof glass

szyba p4

Safety glass reduces the danger of injury caused by sharp shards if the panel is broken or fell out. An interlayer of vinyl put between the layers of glass holds the shreds together in case of breakage. Laminated glass with reinforced protection may delay or in many cases, prevent burglary.

Burglar-proof fittings

specjalne okucia okienne

Over 70% of home burglaries occur by jemmying the window. Only 30% happen by breakage of a glazed area. Invest in burglar-proof fittings for your own safety and comfort.

Safe handle


HOPPE SECUSTIK window handles are equipped with a handle-rotation blocking mechanism, which secures the window against burglary attempts by manipulating the bolting elements of the fitting from the outside.

External roller shutters

rolety do okien

Roller shutters increase effectively the security standard of the house. The use of appropriate safeguards, such as hooks and locking bolts can make it difficult for the burglar to break in or even scare him away.

Intelligent windows

Nowoczesny dom

The SI-AU solution is a wireless monitoring system, which can be equipped with smoke or gas detectors, external alert sirens, mobile alert notifications, window and door opening monitoring system, and many other components.

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